The New Year Post

I’m not a naturally peppy person, but I have to admit, there’s been an insane amount of exclamation points, giggling, and good crying this year.  Which is nauseating even to me, but, what can I say.  It’s true.

Because during the times when I swallowed heavy doses of rejection, I never imagined 2011 would be so sweet (especially considering it’s an odd numbered year, but I suppose if you add 2+0+1+1 it equals 4 which is even so . . . okay).  And here’s a confession, I’ve always felt a little funny about sharing my good news because I never want to come across like oh look at me.  I actually feel very strange when people look at me.  I get twitchy.  But the truth is, 2011 has been such an amazing year, I’ve barely been able to contain myself.

And what’s even crazier is . . . there’s a lot to look forward to.  I mean, this is the year The Downside of Being Charlie actually debuts.

*I might be breathing into a paper bag right now, trying not to freak out*

But, I’m also looking forward to 2012 for other reasons.  I mean, there’s the promise of stories yet unwritten, projects that are just little baby ideas right now that are starting to tumble around in my brain (if you’re imagine little babies tumbling around in my head, er. . . me too . . . which is weird but true).  I find myself smiling at the thought of all the days, weeks, months in 2012.  You know that fluttery feeling in your stomach, the one that feels like you just swallowed a goldfish and it’s swimming around in there? That.  That’s 2012.

And wherever you are as a writer, whether that baby idea is just starting to tumble around in your head, or whether you just decided you want to write a novel, or you just polished up your manuscript and are starting to query, or whether you’ve been querying and will continue to query, or whether you’re on submission, or whether you’ve already written a couple of bestsellers,  I hope you’re looking forward to 2012.

I hope you feel like you swallowed a goldfish. Or two. Or three.

You know what I mean.

Happy New Year, guys.

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