Ellen Hopkins, a Giveaway, and Other Close Encounters of the Awesome Kind

So, I am coming up for air now that I’ve turned in my first round of edits.  Yay!  And I know, I know, I’ve neglected my little blog in the process.  But…I will make it up to you guys.  Read on.

So, the other night I met Ellen Hopkins!  Yes, it was exciting, yes I was barely able to offer more than a weak hi when I met her and if Elevenies Jessica Martinez hadn’t been in line in front of me and told Ellen Hopkins she’s a writer, too, and pointed to me, I never would’ve had the nerve to say even that. Yes she read from PERFECT, and yes, it sounds AMAZING.  No, I didn’t get it because it’s not out yet, but I will.  However, I did get a signed copy of GLASS.  And yes,                                                                   I am giving it away!*

So, all you have to do is leave a comment.  And since I’ve now run away from Sara Zarr and barely said more than five words to Ellen Hopkins, and am wondering if paramedics will be called when I go to LeakyCon Lit Day this summer and meet all these awesome authors,  I think it’d be great if you guys tell me about your close encounters of the awesome kind, or if you haven’t had a close encounter, which author do you hope to meet some day? One winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on April 22nd.  Good luck and it wouldn’t kill me if you retweeted and let others know;).

*U.S only, please. 

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51 Responses to Ellen Hopkins, a Giveaway, and Other Close Encounters of the Awesome Kind

  1. erikamarks says:

    First round of edits done? Congrats!

    For me, it was, and will always be (as I think I went into copious detail in one of Amanda’s comments) a signing with Clive Barker where he asked me if it was Erika with a C or a K and when I said K, he looked me full in the face and said with a smile:”A K? How exotic.” Oh, yeah. I’m good.

  2. The first time I met Richard Peck I hugged him. Yes, he was that awesome! The second time I met him I of course hugged him again and then we got talking about my son have dyslexia and we both ended up crying. (Good tears) I love that guy!


  3. Jess says:

    Congrats on finishing your edits, Jenny!

    I would love to meet Laurie Halse Anderson. I did have her sign a book for me at ALA last summer, and she was so sweet, but I didn’t tell her I was a writer or get a picture or anything. Her line was so long, and I’m really shy in person…but I think she’s amazing!

    • Thanks, Jessica!
      Yes, Laurie Halse Anderson is someone I’d definitely like to meet! And I can totally relate to the shyness. I mean, I literally am unable to speak and my heart starts pounding faster and everything. I don’t know why I get so nervous and turn into such a spaz, but I always do.

  4. Laura Ellen says:

    Jenny you sound like me! I have had uber amounts of opps to talk to authors at conferences and am AWFUL at speaking up and saying hi! I once rode in a car to the airport with Bruce Coville and Bruce Hale and then HarperCollins editor (now agent) Michael Stearns. I barely said two words 😦
    Lame I know! But they were all so entertaining, it made up for my silence!

    • Laura,
      What happens to us???? I never used to understand Justin Bieber freak outs, but I have to say, I’m not much better than those twelve year olds. I’m just glad I don’t start screaming and sobbing in front of these authors, because, well…that might raise a few eyebrows! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Yay for coming up for air and meeting Ellen Hopkins! You may remember my mute moment with Anne Lamott, and I still dream of becoming BFF’s with Margaret Atwood. There are so many current kidlit and YA authors I would love to meet. Too many to list.

  6. Jenny-

    Congrats on finishing the edits! I would love to meet Shannon Hale, I loved Princess Academy, and lost a lot of sleep staying up to read it in one night. On the YA side, Lauren Oliver, definitely. (And if I ever get to Florida–you too, my friend!)

  7. Rich Rockwood says:

    Congratulations and how fun is to meet an author like that!

  8. At some point I’m going to blog about ny breathless, fan girl encounter with JK Rowling. It was over three years ago and I still have to gather my wits to figure out how to write about it!

    Also, hooray for edits!! Go you!

  9. Congrats on finishing your edits! I almost had a panic attack when I met Simone Elkeles.

  10. Nicole says:

    Congrats on getting that first round of edits done! I’m on my THIRD round…sigh. Hopefully your editorial process won’t be as long!

  11. Tracy Bilen says:

    O.K. Because in Michigan we seldom see any movie stars I’m going to start with my sighting of Courtney Vance in the hallway of my school. I sneezed and he said bless you! But back to the real topic: meeting authors! Jay Asher came to the SCBWI Michigan conference and he was so funny! A great guy!

    • Haha, maybe I should start sneezing when I meet authors, too!

      Yes, I met Jay Asher too! He IS really, really nice and very funny. I loved all the background info he gave about Thirteen Reasons Why!

  12. Congrats on finishing your edits!

    And it would be easier or me to list the authosr I wouldn’t want to meet than those I would like to…

  13. Debbie Davis says:

    Where do I begin???? I would love to meet Ellen Hopkins, Stephen King, Stephanie Myers…… Oh, the list goes on. Here in OK, we hardly ever get book signings by the big namers.

  14. I met Mary Roach just a couple weeks ago at this great nightlife event at the California Academy of Sciences for the 50th anniversary of the first man in space; she did a talk about her newest book, Packing for Mars. I am a total Mary Roach fangirl, and she was SO nice and absolutely hilarious! She signed all of the books I brought, gave me a little package of simulated moon dust that she had on her, and chatted with my boyfriend and I for a while. Loved her.

    And congrats on finishing your edits!! 🙂

  15. When I realized that my favorite author was reading my livejournal, I ran around the house screaming. Then, I suffered writer’s block for a week.

    Retweeting this for you.

  16. Ellen Hopkins is great–and she’s always capable of saying the words that we can’t find in our mouths. Congrats on finishing your edits!

  17. Gina Rosati says:

    I met Carrie Jones last year at our local indie bookshop in New Hampshire and she is the sweetest person ever! Anyone who has a NYT bestseller platform and uses it to reach out to those in need earns my highest respect. Her book, DEAR BULLY (an anthology compiled with Megan Kelley Hall) is out in September.

    Congratulations on your edits, Jenny!! I’ll RT & link this on FB.

    • I agree–any author who uses their name or platform to shed light on social problems is super awesome in my eyes. I will definitely be on the look out for DEAR BULLY!

      And thanks for spreading the word, Gina!

  18. Wow, congrats on the first round of edits! Isn’t Ellen nice? I never said a word to her, but admired her from afar at a Big Sur conference a few years back. Great giveaway! The thing about authors (kid ones) is that they are really so nice. I am always surprised by how wonderful they are. Soon, you will have a fan saying this same sort of thing about you!

    • She was really funny, too. And definitely, all kid lit and YA authors I have met are super, super nice.

      I can’t believe I forgot to include the time I met Lisa McMann in this post! Here’s that story: So after hearing her speak at a conference, she seemed so down to earth and approachable and bff material, that I lost my wits and went up to her after the conference and GUSHED. I mean, totally shaky, blushing, I’m a writer too (though I still hadn’t completed my novel) kind of gush. And she didn’t even look like at me like I was a big weirdo, just listened to my strange ramblings and talked to me and told me to keep writing and thought it was cool that I also decided to be a writer in the fourth grade. Super nice!

      And your last comment there made my stomach flip. The idea of someone reading my book and becoming a fan–just wow!

  19. LC Piper says:

    Aren’t edits awesome. Just wrapped up first round, a.k.a. Just make it readable, edits on my first novel and it was so emotional. Good to hear you survived!

    • I thought I was going to get freaked out by edits, but overall, I have to say I really liked tweaking the story and being at that finishing touches stage. Congrats to you and I agree, it’s definitely emotional. Everything about this whole ride has been emotional. But then again, I cry at commercials (especially around the holidays) or, maybe I’m just emotionally unstable. That’s seems more writer-ish, right? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  20. J. Anderson Coats says:

    Congrats on finishing your edits! I just turned in my latest round.

    And I would love to meet Laurie Halse Anderson. Hopefully I would be coherent as well, but I can’t make any promises.

  21. Ashley Holt says:

    I WANT TO MEET JK Rowling so BADDDD!!!


  22. Congrats on finishing your edits! I can completely understand getting…er…shy…around Ellen Hopkins! In he YA world, I would love to meet Elizabeth Scott. As far as writers overall go, it would have to be Stephen King.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Stephanie W. says:

    Yay for edits!!!! Thx for giveaway!

    I stalked Lauren Myracle in the Albuquerque Airport and got my pic with her…MADE MY YEAR! =D

  24. Crystal B. says:

    That’s so cool that you met Ellen Hopkins! I met John Green once and I intended to get writing advice from him but I was just too starstruck to say much.

  25. Brittney C says:

    Congrats on your editing. I still need to finish my book before I can edit. I never knew writing could take so much time until I started my book. As for what author I’d love to meet it would either be Ellen Hopkins or Laurell K. Hamilton. They both inspire me. Good luck with your book!

    • It’s hard work, but just wait when you finish that book. You’ll feel like you can do anything, and then of course, you realize you have to go back and rewrite the whole darn thing, but still…it’s like a truffle of torture and sweet goodness all at once. Uh, that truffle thing probably doesn’t make sense…geez, what am I thinking being a writer (oh, and self doubt, don’t forget self doubt).

      Anyway, this is a very weird and long and terribly way of saying KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO IT! Thanks for entering the contest. 🙂

  26. Vivien says:

    I would love to meet Richelle Mead or Carrie Ryan. I absolutely adore their work!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

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