Are You Ready for a #1KWordChallenge Throwdown!

So, Amanda (from Amanda’s wrinkled pages) and I have been challenging each other to a type of literary throwdown. Last Thursday the challenge was to write 2000 words but there was no time limit, the next day 1000 words again with no time limit. It worked really well and helped both of us be less lazy with our writing and produce, produce, produce, so we decided to make it a recurring challenge. On Wednesday night, I tweet Amanda:

@amandahoving *see* you tomorrow. 2000 word throwdown by end of day?

To which she replies with this gem:

@jetchez Sounds good to me! Or…I’m up for 1,000 in an hour? Something to think about…Good night!

I thought, now that sounds like a challenge (and a brilliant idea!). And if you don’t know me, know this, I don’t back down from a challenge. So of course, I reply:

@amandahoving I’m in.

But then I thought, hey wouldn’t it be great for others to join? so I add:

Who else will join? 1000 words in 1 hour. Tweet ur start time/stop time/word count. #1kwordchallenge #amwriting.

See, because while I absolutely value staring into space and thinking (which yes, I do consider writing), having concrete words to work, shape, mold, and a goal to help you get through those spots in your WIP you’ve been avoiding is also pretty important, too. Take this last challenge for example. Without it, here’s how my day probably would’ve gone.

Order Americano. Sit down and open Twitter and WIP. Stare at WIP. Check out Twitter. Go back to WIP. Sigh. Edit a paragraph. Read the next. Sigh. Stare outside. Contemplate rainy day. Check out Twitter. Tell myself I’m wasting time. Go back to WIP, think, and painfully force 500 words.

But, what happened instead was this:

Ordered Americano. Sat down and opened Twitter and WIP. Remembered today is 1Kwordchallenge. Scrambled to figure out what I needed to write. Tried to identify my problem (fast, because I have to churn out 1000 words pronto!). Okay, realize characters seem kind of bland here and this scene kind of ends but doesn’t seem complete and decide to work off that point.   I tweet Amanda, tweet challenge, and start.  And then  I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote….looked at clock, 25 minutes left, still needed 300 words. Wrote some more. Time ended and I had 1126 words. Just like that.

And now I have this scene that makes me smile because I think it’s pretty good, and pretty necessary and gives my whole WIP more direction. So, yahoo for the 1Kwordchallenge! It definitely helped push me onward.

And…we’ll be doing this each Thursday, so look for the cue on Twitter. To participate just tweet the following and add the #1kwordchallenge hashtag:

1.   Start time: Tweet when you start and then get to it, write, write, write!
2.  Stop time: Tweet when you stop.  And make sure you include…
3.  Word count: Hopefully 1000 words (yay!), but if not, no worries. Tweet what you have.

It’s that easy! Who’s gonna join us? Come on, WHO’S GONNA JOIN US, I SAY!

Bit o’ trivia: I tried photoshopping a literary rendition of Bobby Flay to accompany this post.  But alas, I do not have the skills to photoshop what would undoubtedly have been an awesome picture.

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30 Responses to Are You Ready for a #1KWordChallenge Throwdown!

  1. Julia says:

    This is a great idea–a great motivator. Off to tweet my commitment!

  2. This has been a great challenge for me, too, Jenny. The more the merrier!

  3. Ghenet says:

    I LOVE this idea! Unfortunately Thursdays are my worst days for writing, but I will definitely give this a try another time. I do most of my writing on the weekends since I work, but I’ve been trying to write more during the week. With this challenge, even if I only have an hour after work to write, I can still knock out 1000 words. Awesome! I’ll tweet when I do it. 🙂

  4. Sounds fun, I’m in! And a literary Bobby Flay would be epic.

  5. Amanda mentioned this in a comment on my blog. I’m in!

  6. J. P. Cabit says:

    Hmm, sounds interesting! I just may join…

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  9. This is inspired. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put together a sort of writers’ bootcamp, and this may well be the key. What’s crucial, however, is to figure out how to expand this beyond Thursday. Not everyone will be able to take the challenge daily, but you should have the option to do so on any day of the week. (Otherwise the world’s writers are going to be productive on Thursdays, and useless for the six days between.) Thoughts?

    • I think that’s a great point! I only singled out one day of the week for the sake of simplicity, but sure, anyone can take the challenge on any day that works for him/her:) Thanks for the suggestion, Douglas.

    • Lesli says:

      I think it’s great to change it up every day. Thursday Throwdown. Crazy Ivan Mondays (see comment below). Got something for Tuesdays and Fridays that could be different?

      And thanks, JTS!

  10. In fact, my super-ego just whispered in my ear: “What kind of sub-literate sloth are you? Surely you can handle a #7KWord challenge.” So, yeah, let’s face it: Lance Armstrong would go for 1000 words per hour, once a day for a week.

    Any takers?

  11. Julia says:

    welllll, I guess you missed my #millionwordchallenge (in response to Jenny & Amanda’s #1Kwordchallenge and how successful they were in inspiring me), check it out:
    You in?

  12. Lesli says:

    Wonderful Thursday tradition. I’m in.

    And you may be interested in trying what we do on Mondays around here–we call them Crazy Ivans. A bunch of us go to the library and check out a study room. Then for as many hours as we can, we crank out our wordcount. But at the top of every hour, we take a pee break and say whatever we were tempted to say during the silence. Then after five minutes, we get back to writing. We average around 1000k per hour.

    Now I’ll forward this link to my Crazy Ivan buddies. Thanks!

    • Now that sounds like some serious (and fun) writing! I would love to try that, but I don’t have many writer friends in real life, lol. I’m thinking of doing a 1kwordchallenge for a whole week or something like that soon, but right now I’m on deadline with my edits, so I’ll have to put it off for a while. But so glad you’ll be joining the 1kwordchallenge on Thursdays! And yes, forward to all your Crazy Ivan buddies! The more the merrier!

  13. Found you from Ghenet who really recommended the #1kwordchallenge thingie. I’ve seen #1hr1k before but wasn’t sure how it worked -your post helped! Sounds like a great way to meet other writing tweeps, too.

    • HI Margo,
      Oh, Ghenet is great! So glad this helped. So I’ve missed the last couple of challenges because I’ve been working on edits, but I just turned in my first round and can now get back to my WIP and #1kwordchallenge! Yay! Hope to *see* you on Twitter.

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