What English Teachers Do For Fun, Bad Punctuation, and a Book Recommendation

These are some just some silly emails I thought you might enjoy.  Yes, lots of grammatical errors…but, hey, English teachers are human.  We slack off sometimes.

Hi M,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  I ate waaaay too much and have pretty much done nothing since.

Anyway, I did read a great book at least.  It’s called Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King.  If any kids are looking for a great book–tell them about this one.  It’s really, really good and smart–probably kids who like John Green will enjoy.  Tell (MEDIA SPECIALIST) about it too if you have a chance.  I had to order it from Barnes and Noble since it doesn’t look like they have it on the shelves.

Did you get a chance to read anything other than essays?  When are we going to do a book club?  We keep saying we’ll read the same book and never do!  We should.

I just read some reviews of it online — everyone loves it.  Can I borrow it from you next time we get together?

Of course.  I just love it!

So, let me know when you’re free.  Or I can drop the book off at (LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL) too.

Talk to you soon.

And please disregard my overuse of the exclamation mark.  I have NO idea why i’ve started doing this.

We’ve just been talking about overuse of exclamation marks in my class.  Should I show them your email??? LOL

That’s funny!  Yeah, feel free!  And tell them, see, if you overuse exclamation marks you will never become a published author!  And yes, published author is redundant! And while it’s somewhat acceptable to begin a sentence with a conjunction,never do that with three consecutive sentences!

Oh … this would be a perfect email to show them!

Maybe I should post these emails on my blog and title it, What English Teachers Do For Fun!

What English teachers do for fun … on days when their students are working in groups.  🙂

*Coming next—post on why I love Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S King.

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2 Responses to What English Teachers Do For Fun, Bad Punctuation, and a Book Recommendation

  1. erikamarks says:

    Love this…My husband’s a biology teacher–I don’t know if those emails would make nearly as enlightening a post for writers as yours:). (But I do enjoy his reading recommendations, curiously enough!)

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