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Tracing Back Your Writing Roots—or, How’d You Become Such A Good Liar?

So, all fiction writers are pretty damn good liars, right?  I mean, this is what we do—think up fantastic lies, write them down, and hope people will read them.  And if we’re good, really, really good, well…then people believe them. … Continue reading

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Why I Love Please Ignore Vera Dietz and Why You Should Read It.

So, I read Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King a few weeks ago and I have two words for you.  Kick. Ass. It’s been weeks since I read it but this novel is still very present in my mind.  … Continue reading

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What English Teachers Do For Fun, Bad Punctuation, and a Book Recommendation

These are some just some silly emails I thought you might enjoy.  Yes, lots of grammatical errors…but, hey, English teachers are human.  We slack off sometimes. Hi M, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  I ate waaaay too much and … Continue reading

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Why is YA So Popular Among Adults?

Have you seen the show When I Was Seventeen, where celebrities recall embarrassing moments from their teenage years?  What about the popular twitter hashtag #what I would tell my 16 year old self?  So, tell me, why do we love … Continue reading

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