You’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling

So, it’s been a month since my last post.  I know, criminal!  Take me away.

Seriously, sorry for the temporary abandonment, but I swear I haven’t been slacking off.  I’ve been working hard on edits (and I’m not quite done so please forgive if I should crawl back into my rabbit hole and not emerge for another month).   I’m not even quite sure what this post is about yet, but I just know I have to write it, so here goes.

So, nowadays it seems almost every writer has a blog, and it’s definitely not an easy task to keep up with one.  Especially since most of us are trying to polish off a query or manuscript to send to an agent, or a short story to submit to a literary journal, or an idea to pitch to a magazine.  Between writing queries and working on our main pieces, we dutifully blog about writing, and read about writing, and tweet about writing, and read other tweets about writing, and keep up with the market in a thousand other ways, and oh, yeah, there’s that thing called life that most of us have to tend to (like spouses, jobs, kids—recently, the all-important quest to find them the perfect Halloween costumes).  And sometimes, some things get placed on hold (casually whistling while looking at the ceiling) like…your blog.

And I’m here to tell you it’s OKAY!  Yes!  That’s what this post is about!  Freedom!  It’s okay to neglect your blog for a day, a week, even (gasp!) a month. It’s okay to let some of your other works sit for a little longer than usual before you come back to them.  It’s okay not to tweet.  Yes (trumpets blaring!) it is just fine, indeed.  Because you know what, it happens.  And lots of times, it’s not because you’re being lazy.  It’s because you’re putting a lot of time and effort into something else.  And that something else, whether it be your manuscript, or your family, or yourself is probably better served by having your full attention.  So don’t feel guilty about not always being able to keep up with everything.  Sometimes you can’t and it’s okay, as long as you come back to it at some point.  Even if you’re rusty.  Even if you’re not sure what you’re going to write about.  Even if you know it’s bound to happen again.   Make sure you come back.

See you next month…just kidding…maybe not…

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2 Responses to You’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling

  1. amanda says:

    My blogging is definitely last on my list of things to write, so thank you for permission to slack off and get down to the “real” stuff. Good luck on your revisions!

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