Daily Interruptions

Okay, so everyone looks forward to summer, right?  Lemonade stands, family grill outs, thick chunks of watermelon, longer days….ahhhhhhh, what could be better?

Um…back to school?

Wait! Hear me out before sending me the Worst Mom of the Year award.  Love my kids, love them dearly, they are without a doubt the two most awesome forces of awesomeness ever, but my writing schedule is totally screwed up!  Has this happened to anybody else?  During the school year, I drop them off, go to Starbucks, grab an Americano and write (stare, think, make faces…hey, it’s all part of the process) uninterrupted for two and a half hours, Monday through Friday, no exceptions.  I don’t go back home because if I hit a rough spot that needs to be worked through in my story, I can’t just get up and busy myself with house stuff.  I have to sit there, and think, and fix.  Anyway, I had a good thing going on there for a while; I mean, I finished my first novel and fixed a lot of the major kinks in it this way.  And then summer came.

School’s been out for almost a month and, geez…I’m still trying to juggle my kids,  the editing, re-editing, and editing some more of my  manuscript, researching agents,  drafting queries, and the gnawing monkey on my back to work a  little more on my second novel that I’m 18,000 words into…and…it’s challenging.

I thought my vow to work at night once they were in bed would be an easy enough solution, but…somehow their usual 8:00 bedtime has been lost in the twilight zone.  And by the time, I do get them down, I gotta tell you, I’m freakin’ tired and my brain is zapped and in no shape to edit.

This was all causing me quite a bit of anxiety, until I decided to give it up.  Relax, no, not my writing, and definitely not my kids. I just gave up the whole notion that during summer I would have a designated working time.  It’s a nice, sweet idea…but ah, (condescending laughter at my pre-summer writing self), it’s just not for us.  No way, not with a four-year and five-year old running around.

So, I’m basically down to run-by writings, that is to say, I just write a little here and there when I can, without caffeine or the wonderful aroma of roasted coffee, with SpongeBob’s obnoxious laughter blaring in the background, and with these interruptions (keep in mind, this is just my daughter) all of which happened just in the time I wrote this post:

What were you doing downstairs?

2 minutes later…

Mama, guess what happened to Mateo? He fell asleep.

1 minute later…

Guess he just loves to sleep,

2 minutes later…

No talking—just an inexplicable grin while she circles around me and bounces a red ball.

5 minutes later…

Mama, can I have a little snack…can I?

1 minute later…

Okay, I got a banana

30 seconds later…

Can I eat upstairs?  I’m kind of scared of eating downstairs alone.

5 minutes later…

Now can I have a drink?

10 minutes later…

What’s for dinner?

5 minutes later…

When’s Dad getting home?

2 minutes later…

Mama why does the A make the ah sound and the W makes the wa, wa sound?

5 minutes later…

I love you, Mama

2 minutes later…

Have you heard anything about your book yet?


Phone rings.  It’s my sister—“Can you download your music onto my iPod before I go?” (she’s headed on a road trip to Indiana).

5 minutes later…

Mama, can I go on electric company dot com.  Can you do that for me, please, Mama, will you?  Thank you, Mama.

15 minutes later

Maaaaaa-Maaaaaa…I went caca.

Okay, signing off, guys.  Duty calls, or rather, doodie.  I’m soooo not kidding.

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One Response to Daily Interruptions

  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for downloading the music. I would call you …but you may be writing. 😉 I really enjoy reading these posts. Of course, I enjoy reading all of your writing.

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