Stephen King, Muses, and My Monkey


I dunno guys...a clown who eats little kids?

NPR aired an interview with Stephen King yesterday because next week is the tenth anniversary of the publication of On Writing.  By the way, if you haven’t read this yet, close your screen, run to your nearest library or bookstore, and read it now.  I’m serious.  It’s the modern day writer’s bible.


Anyway, my favorite part is when Stephen King says how we all think of muses as being fairies or goddesses that float around and inspire us, but his muses are nothing like that.  His are a bunch of guys in a basement polishing their bowling trophies or something.  The way he describes it, I can totally imagine it and I thought that is so true.  Not that I have a bunch of guys locked up in a basement somewhere (sssshhhhh…) but I neither have some sweet fairies hitting me with their magical wands of inspiration.  My muse has always been more like a monkey on my back.  Occasionally, this monkey helps produce something good and I’m glad he’s my ever-present friend pushing me onward.  Other times, he throws feces… and that ends up being what I produce for the day.  Such is life.

Check out the interview here.

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