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The Melancholy Writer

Okay, admit it, even though as writers we know we have to stay positive in the face of a thousand and one rejections and we all signed up for this the moment we decided to become a writer, there are … Continue reading

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Art, Music, and Writing

A lot of my stories are influenced by art and/or music.  My short stories, for example, are usually inspired by a painting or photograph.  I start thinking about the people or places in it and I start to wonder what … Continue reading

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A Query Story (psst, read on if you like The Goonies)

Okay guys, here’s an interesting story behind a query I wrote for my YA novel. I’d already heard about this agent, but of course, once I decided I was going to query him, I read everything I could find on … Continue reading

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Retro Reads and the Book Covers We Loved

From time to time, I suffer from severe nostalgia.  Lately, I started thinking of the books I read when I was young and I kept thinking about The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paula Danziger. I only had a vague memory … Continue reading

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Plot…or, Ditch Digging

Character development, cool.  Dialogue, okay.  Multi-dimensional secondary characters, alright.  Plots and subplots…eh. When writing, my brain starts with characters, not situations.  So it’s no wonder that I found myself getting stuck in the muck of the first draft of my … Continue reading

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I Gots Me a David Foster Wallace Badge

I just spent about an hour copying and pasting bits of my writing into the I Write Like analyzer.  What a great way to avoid writing.  Anyway, a thoroughly entertaining way to slack off.  I gots me a David Foster … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Mantra?

I have two of them.  One of them is serious and one is silly.  I need both to survive.  I know, that seems a little contradictory to the whole concept of a mantra, but it works. My first one is … Continue reading

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