Friends, Tyra Banks, and my likeness to Ross

Okay, you guys remember that Friends episodewhere there’s this flashback of Monica and Rachael waiting for their prom dates and Rachael’s doesn’t show up?  Yeah, yeah, you remember.  Ross is upstairs tapping away on this tiny little keyboard “working on his music,” before he gets into his dad’s tuxedo and runs downstairs to save Rachael?  Just in time to see her and her tardy date heading out the door.  Yeah, that one.

No, this is not an entry about Friends (though I’ve watched/memorized/re-watched more episodes than I care to admit), or about awkward teenage unrequited love (though, yes, I felt very awkward as a teenager and yes, there were definitely a few instances of unrequited love).  This is an entry about….tah-dah…working on your music.

I’m a writer with no publishing credits.  There is no better equivalent of what that means than Ross playing Axel F on that itty, bitty keyboard.  So basically, I’m Ross and I’ve been “working on my music” for the past oh, I don’t know, twenty or so years.  Don’t worry, I’m counting back to when I actually realized I wanted to be a writer which was in fourth grade.

Anyway, back to working on my music.  Everyday when I sit down to write, I have to remember not to care what anyone else thinks, not to care that I’m writing some novel that might very well never be published instead of pursuing my master’s degree which, according to some stupid outline of my life I came up with when I was eighteen, I should have gotten eight years ago, or my doctorate (should have gotten that four years ago, however you can imagine how difficult that is without a masters).  I have to remember not to care that some of my family members may very well think I’m a wee bit of a loser because…um, what’s Jenny doing again? Oh, that’s right.  I have to forget that I’m not yet one of those lucky souls who gets to write stories for a living, but rather, one of those unlucky souls who feels compelled to do it even though nobody really cares that I’m doing it.

I mean, come on people, we all know that Ross becomes a paleontologist and never, never gets to open for Flock of Seagulls or Animotion.  The whole music thing, that’s kind of a big joke, right?  Those far out there dreams, they never really come true, right?  But hey, wait.  If Ross is staying up late at night, surrounded by his dinosaur bones, still tapping away on his mini keyboard, doesn’t that count for something?  Hell, yeah it does.

So, what does that mean.  It means that while Ross is tapping away at his keyboard writing symphonic masterpieces that he’s just waiting to unleash for the whole world, he hears that someone like Tyra Banks just opened up for Flock of Seagulls (or she just got a multi-book deal with Delacorte Press).  It means, it kind of stings…for a minute before Ross, says, OH, HELL NO!, and goes back into his closet and writes the best damn piece of synthesized lusciousness ever!  Ever.

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2 Responses to Friends, Tyra Banks, and my likeness to Ross

  1. Indigo says:

    Thanks for this. I can’t stop writing and dreaming. I’ll be tapping away later this evening on the keyboard and doing the one thing I love to do – write. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Me, too:) We writers are a stubborn, persistent bunch…thank goodness.

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